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Cruise ships can be a place of crime and accidents on the high seas.

Cruise ships can’t escape crime, accidents on high seas

Cruise ships are starting to post their crime stats on their websites so it’s more public the amount of crime happening on the high seas. These crimes include assault with serious bodily injury, suspicious deaths, sexual assaults and other serious violations. Cruise lines have been in the news lately for accidents …

Boating Under the Influence

BUI Causes Another SWFL Boating Accident

Last Sunday, a BUI fatal accident occurred on the Naples coastline near channel marker 71.  A Naples resident, his daughter and son-in-law were all ejected from their 15-foot boat when they crashed into a channel marker.  The older gentleman was not as lucky as the other two boaters as they only suffered minor …

Boat Crash Safety

Boat Crash Causes Death of 2 Boaters

In St. Johns County, a 16-foot boat crashed into a dock last Sunday night. The accident killed two men and seriously injured a woman aboard the vessel. Authorities said the three boaters were coming back from a fishing trip late Sunday night when the boat crashed into the dock. Six Florida Fish …