Cape Coral motorcyclist killed doing U-turn

A Cape Coral motorcyclist was killed doing a U-turn near Fort Myers Beach over the weekend. His passenger was seriously injured.

Motorcyclist killed doing U-turn

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Edward Cunningham, 48, of Cape Coral, was riding his 2012 Honda north on San Carlos Boulevard on Saturday when he tried to do a U-turn near Isle of Palms Drive. He turned in front of a 2005 Ford F250. The truck skidded 16 feet and overturned to try to avoid the motorcycle, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Cunningham was killed and his passenger was seriously injured. Neither were wearing a helmet, according to Read more.

Follow some of these safety tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation:

  • Wear a quality helmet and eye protection. Remember – the only thing between you and the road is your protective gear.
  • Be aware of the blind spots cars and trucks have.
  • Give yourself space. People driving cars often just don’t see motorcycles.
  • Pretend you’re invisible, and ride extra defensively.
  • Know and follow the rules of the road, and stick to the speed limit.
  • Avoid weaving between lanes.
  • Give other motorists time and space to respond to you.


Read more tips.

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